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Medicalinfo Platform

Introducing the next generation HIS

The Platform

Medicalinfo is designed from scratch in order to meet the demands of modern healthcare facilities of medical data digitalization. Its architecture allows it to operate at both on-premise and on-cloud, without any limitations.

Its main features are the ease of adding, extra or new modules and functions, it’s in-depth customization (parameterization) and the ease of scalability. Using state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies Medicalinfo represents a modern, agile, flexible and secure working environment.

Medicalinfo technology

Cloud installation

Working on cloud Microsoft Azure

On premise installation

Working on hospital infrastructure

Hybrid installation

working both on cloud and on premise at the same time

Dynamic and Flexible

full customizable

Web based
Dynamic dashboards

Security and control

Features of the platform

The arcitecture of the platform allows the dynamic design of workflow at various levels in order to adapt to the work of medical staff and speed up every day work

Building with microservices, the platform has the ability to scale up easily and remains stable in any work load.

Automate the real-time collection of vital signs and any other medical devices results throughout the duration of care

The platform has the ability to interconnect with various third-party software like E.R.P., L.I.S., E.M.R., B.I., P.A.C.S. etc.

Security and Control

Medicalinfo operates in a controlled and secure environment. Keeping audit trails of all interactions along their geographic location, all requests are secured with SSL encryption and OAuth authorization.

  • Access and Authentication Control
  • User based permissions
  • Infrastructure (Encryption)
  • GDPR Compliant
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